University Outreach

Sam and I went to a meeting today hosted by the Christian Union at Magee University.  Four students who make up the committee ran the meeting.  They are really working hard to reach out to students on campus who are Christians and non-Christians.  They presented their vision and some information about the university and the C.U. at the meeting today.  They talked to us and the other church leaders about some events that are coming up in the future and about how we could be involved.

They asked us to 1) pray for them, 2) attend the Christian Union on Tuesdays at 6:45 pm at Aberfoyle House, and 3) support them financially to help pay for events, literature, supplies, etc.  We are going to do all we can assist them as they reach out to students here in the city.  We are planning to go help them do outreach on Monday night as the students are come out the Student Union at about 12.30am. We are also going to see about helping them in other ways.
Please pray for the C.U. and for the committee.  Pray for the new students that are arriving this week and next week.  Almost every great move of God throughout history was led or involved young people.  Pray for God raise up a generation of people with a heart for him.

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