Update on Missy Smith

Here is an update on Missy Smith, a young lady who is the daughter of a pastor in Cork and has been recently diagnosed with cancer.  We have been praying for her for a while, so I just wanted you all to stay up to date.

Dear Praying Friends,

Chemo, up in Dublin, when really well. Thank you for praying. Priscilla (who we call Missy) was not near as sick this time. We came back from Dublin on Friday and she was well. In fact, she was hoping to go to church on Sunday. When she woke up on Sunday she had a really bad sore throat and felt terrible. We prayed, God answered. By Sunday evening the sore throat was gone! Praise the Lord.

Missy has one more week of chemo for this round. She will become neutropenic (no resistance to infection) by Wednesday so please pray that she will not get any infections.

Following this round of chemo Missy will get a ct scan and a pet scan. The results of those scan will determine if Missy has to have radio therapy or not. Please pray that she will not need radio therapy.

When we were up in Dublin Missy had four chest xrays. It turns out that she has a very small hole in her lung and air and fluid is leaking out. This is caused by the tumor shrinking. The doctors are not worried about the hole and say it will heal up by itself. It was good news hearing that the tumor is shrinking.

On Sunday, we had two visitors to church. One was a man that was Danish and just passing through, but the other was Clodagh, the O Manhony’s daughter. Clodagh said that she will come back to church. Please pray that she does and that she gets saved.

Thank you for labouring with us through prayer.

God Bless,

Bro. Lionel

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