Testimonies from the UK Vision Tour

Evan Roberts Grave in Lougher, Wales

Here are a few testimonies from the group about the Vision Tour we took last week.  Thank you for praying for the trip.  It was a real blessing.

“I had such an amazing time with the UK Vision Tour group!! We saw so many wonderful places and learned much about the Christian heritage of the UK, the decline of Christianity here, and the great need for the gospel in these islands. I pray that we will all have a greater burden for the lost and a greater zeal to serve the Lord in our own communities and around the world! To God be the glory, great things he hath done — and can do again!!” – Charlotte

“When I found out about this trip I started asking God to work in my heart and to change my life. I never realized that He would answer that prayer in this way. Through this trip God really worked in my heart and changed my life forever. My desire to win souls is stronger than ever. I also never thought in a million years that God might have ME go to the Mission Field. I am just so thankful that God allowed me to go on this trip, thankful for Bro. Chris, and Bro. Snode for putting this trip together. I’m excited for what God has planned next for me.” – Linda

“The trip really excited me and burdened me even more for missions. God has showed me that no matter what he calls you to do, all you have to be is willing, and he will work through you. I went back to my home church and had the opportunity to share a power point presentation on our UK Vision tour. Praise God!!! I am So excited. God answers Prayers. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to show through my power point, the vision and burden I got, from going on this trip: but God definitely worked. After the presentation many people from the church came up to me and told me how it re-kindled a fire in there heart. Hallelujah !!! I also had 5 that have come up to me and told me that they want to help with short term missions and go out on the field. I am excited to help these people go out and work. I’m so glad God used me to show my church the need.” – April

“Since I was 9 God has had a burden on my heart to do missions, after I reached probably the age of 16 he added youth to that burden as well. Being in the UK really broke me when I realized the amount of teens that never hear the word of our Father or who refuse to believe the words they hear. The worse part is that the “big” things always start with the young people…and if they don’t have a passion or open heart to it, there will be no more mention of Jesus in the UK period.” – Katie

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