Update on Missy Smith – Thanks for Praying

On yesterday, I asked for prayer for a girl named Missy Smith, daughter of a missionary pastor in Cork.  Thank you all for praying for her.  Many of you have written to let me know that you are praying, and I know that they appreciate it so much.  Below is an update that I received from Bro. Lionel Smith about his daughter.  I will let you know if I hear anything else.

Dear Praying Friends,

Priscilla’s biopsy surgery took over four hours because of its complicated nature. She went straight to intensive care and will remain there until the swelling in her throat subsides. The breathing tube remains in place as she is unable to breathe unassisted. The surgeons have confirmed that the mass is indeed a tumor. We will know what the next step is Tuesday. Please continue to pray.

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