Another Prayer Update on Missy Smith

Below is the latest prayer update from Lionel Smith about his daughter Missy.  You can read previous posts about them here and here.

Dear Praying Friends,

Just a short update on Missy and our family.  I do not have much access to the internet and have not seen my emails so if you emailed I will not see it for a couple of weeks.

The biopsy went fine but took a lot longer than expected. Missy went in at 4 on Friday the 11th of May and came out at just before 9. So the actual operation took about 4 hrs. It took so long because of the location (on the lung and heart) and  the body has grown new viens because tumor has completely blocked off the blood from the main vein that brings blood to the upper part of the body.

Missy was in icu until Sunday afternoon and then she was transfred to the onocology ward. She is resting comfortably. She is on a morphine pump so is not in much pain.

Bernadette drove up on Sat. and saw Missy. She is planning on coming up this morning and bringing Josh and Sam. This will be a real blessing to Missy as she really misses everyone.

At the moment the upper part of the her body is retaining fluids. The doctor said it is because of the way her body is transporting blood. Not as effective as if the main vein was working.

At the moment we do not know if the tumor has invaded the lung or not. The doctors do not believe that it has invaded the heart. Also, they do not know if it has invaded the main vein or if it is just compressing it.

This week, probably tomorrow, we will know what the treatment will be.

Here are some prayer requests:

  • Please pray the God will show compassion on us and heal Missy completely.
  • Pray for strength and healing for Missy
  • Pray for physcial, emotional, and spiritual strength for our whole family through this.
  • Pray that God’s name will be glorified.
  • Pray for our church through this time.

Thank you for upholding Missy and our family in prayer.

God Bless,

Bro. Lionel

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