Vision Tour – Day 2 & 3

Wednesday, 6 June – Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

We began the day with a good breakfast, The Tower Museum Tour and a walking tour in Derry.  After lunch, we had an bonus trip to Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland.  We went up through Mamore Gap and then to the Famine Village.  We returned back to Derry for dinner and to prepare for the next day. Sam brought a short devotional.  Please pray for God to do a work in all of our hearts through this trip.  The purpose of the trip today was to give insights into the history and culture, and understanding of which is an essential part of ministry and evangelism.

Thursday, 7 June – Travel to Scotland

We left Derry at 8 AM and travelled to Belfast. Unfortunately, we misread our ferry departure times and missed the first ferry to Scotland.  We left on a later ferry, but it allowed us to go into Belfast for souvenirs and to the departure point of the Titanic.  We arrived into Scotland at 6pm and drove to Ayr, where we ate in a very nice traditional hotel.  Everyone enjoyed a hot meal.  I tried the haggis, which was not took bad for all my fears.  It is made up of oatmeal, animal parts such as heart, bone, lung finely chopped up, 9 different spices, all of which are boiled in a sheep’s stomach overnight!  Ayr is the birthplace of Scotland’s most famous son, Robert Burns, a prolific poet and avowed atheist.

We left Ayre and went to Glasgow to check-into our hotel.  Some of the group then went into Glasgow city centre to see Glasgow Cathedral, which is near the John Knox memorial.  We walked around the church, past many of the gravestones at about 11.30pm.  We were startled to hear the organ being played in the church – it certainly added to the moment.  Outside the church was a monument to David Livingstone.

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