Vision Tour – Day 4 & 5

Friday, June 8 – Scotland

David Livingston Birthplace

On Friday morning, we went to Blantyre to the birthplace of and museum about David Livingston.  I found it fascinating to learn about how he grew up, what he accomplished in his life, and how he was used to open up Africa to missionaries.  He was truly a pioneer at a time when travel, communication, and exploration were still very difficult and challenging.

Church Turned into Nightclub

We drove to Edinburgh and ate lunch with Missionary Ben Shore who showed us around Edinburgh.  We visited St. Giles Cathedral where John Knox preached and led the church out of Catholicism into Protestantism.  We saw the place where he is supposedly buried (under some stones in the car park).

Chris Waye and Myself in Edinburgh

We visited Edinburgh Castle, which is an incredible structure with parts that are nearly 1000 years old.  At about 6.30pm, we left there and drove to Sunderland to stay the night.

Saturday, June 9 – England

Meeting with Alan Campbell

We woke up in Sunderland, which is in the heart of the north of England.  It is very different from the south of England and a very needy place for the gospel.  We talked with Alan Campbell, a close friend of mine who is working at Bethesda Free Church with Pastor Stephen Boreland.  He shared a video with us from Pastor Boreland and talked to us about the need there.  Please pray for God to send forth laborers into the North of England.

We then went out and passed out leaflets in one of the roughest estates in England – the Hendon estate.  We had a good time and it was great to share the gospel.

Following lunch, we drove about 5 hours down to London, saw Windsor Castle, and then drove to our lodging in High Wycombe.

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