Chile Relief

Pray for our friends, the Holt family, living in Santiago, Chile.

Here is a recent post by Jason about what they are doing to serve the people there after the 8.8 earthquake this week.

“Today we got word from some of the hardest hit areas of Chile around the city of Concepcion. People literally do not have water, bread, food, and in some cases a roof over their heads. There are people living in one of the local churches because their homes are no longer standing.

To help in the incredible need, we plan to travel from Santiago to Concepción on Thursday morning (in less than 32 hours) with a team of eight men to accomplish two goals:

1. We plan to distribute over 40,000 gospel tracks to those who are suffering and need the hope of Christ. As God gives us the opportunity we will preach the gospel on the streets and in local parks.

2. We’re also taking food and medical supplies to help many who are suffering through this tragedy…”

Click here to read more about this project and also to help financially.

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