A Privilege to be Used – Isa 45

Long before he was born or a powerful leader, God named and chose Cyrus. He would defeat Babylon and set up the Persian empire.

Even more amazing than this prophesy is the fact that God would use Cyrus though he did not personally know the Lord (v.4-5).

God chose him and called him his ‘anointed’ (v.1) becaus through Cyrus, at a time when Israel had no king, God was going to once again declare to all the earth His power (v.6).

From this, we can learn that God wants all people to know who He is ‘from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside [Him]’.

We also learn that God is not limited in who he chooses to use. He can use believing kings and an unbelieving king. He used Cyrus. He used Pharoah.

And so it is a privilege to be used by God, not a right.

The main goal is not our greatness. The main focus is not on the servant. The main goal is that the world know the glory of God. And, if we are willing, the Lord will use us to proclaim His glory.

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