Fear Not – Isa 43

Fear is a common emotion. Most people have something they are afraid of – spiders, heights, water, fire. In Isaiah 43, God describes Israel’s impending bondage to Babylon as water and fire from which He will deliver them.

He says, ‘When you go through the water’ and the fire, I will be with you (v.2). He will do this because He is the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel.

He reminds them of how He delivered them before from Egypt. And He says He will deliver them once again.

The amazing thing is that this delivance will be despite their sin (v.22-28). He will gracious blot out their transgression and their sins. He will do all this for His glory.

What fears do you have? What challenges do you face? What things overwhelm you? God will be those who trust in Him. God can and will deliver time and time again. And He will do it all because of His grace and for His glory.

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