Glory in the Lord – Jer 9

All of us love to brag and boast (‘glory’) in our achievements and abilities. Yet we are told by God not to glory in our wisdom, might, or riches.

Only one thing should we glory in – that we understand and know the Lord, that He is a God of lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness.

This was God’s message to a people consumed with deception and dishonesty (v.3-8), facing God’s judgement (v.9-22), yet still boasting of personal acheivements and outward symbols of circumcision.

Often, we do the same. Inwardly, we are nowhere near where we should be, but we brag about external things.

What are you glorying in? What fills you with pride and a sense of acheivement? Your own abilities and possessions? External symbols of religious accomplishment? Or genuine, personal knowledge of God?

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