Praise the Lord, Ye Servants of the Lord – Ps 134-135

Psalm 134 and 135 both challenge the priests (‘servants of the Lord’ -134:1, 135:1) to praise and bless the Lord. These priests had the privilege to stand in the house of the Lord, to be closer to the worship and the presence of the Lord than anyone. Yet, they needed to remember that it was more than a job; it was a act of continual worship.

This is a great reminder to those of us who serve the Lord in any capacity. We need to not just go through the motions; we need to really take time to stop and appreciate how wonderful the Lord is and praise Him. We should praise Him for:

  • Creating heaven and earth (134:3)
  • Being good and great (135:3-5)
  • Doing whatever He pleases (135:6-7)
  • Delivering Israel and us (135:11)
  • Giving us a wonderful inheritance (135:12)
  • Enduring forever (135:13)
  • Judging his people (135:14)
  • Being a living, hearing, seeing God in contrast to idols (135:15-18)

As a result of all that God is and does, the house of Israel, the house of Aaron, the house of Levi, and all who fear the Lord and dwell at Jerusalem are exhorted to bless the Lord (135:19-21).

Do we, who serve the Lord and work for the Lord, stop to bless and praise the Lord? Have we grown so accustomed to spiritual things that we no longer express love and praise to God? Those more we are involved in the Lord’s work, the more we should be praising Him and magnifying Him.

Preach, pastor, missionary, Christian worker, church member, stop right now, think about how great God is and just praise Him!

Psalm 134:1 Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye servants of the Lord, Which by night stand in the house of the Lord.

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