Longing for Peace – Ps 122

Journeying to the temple in Jerusalem is the clear context of this Psalm. The writer speaks of going to the house of the Lord, standing within Jerusalem’s gates, rejoicing in the city as the place of unity, truth, judgment, peace, and God’s presence.

It expresses a longing we all have for the ideal city, the ideal place of peace. No doubt, there were times, especially during David and Solomon’s reign, that Jerusalem was that haven. But overall, I believe the peace of Jerusalem has never been fully realised. It is still something that Israel longs for.

When Christ returns, true peace with come on Jerusalem and on the whole earth, as the Prince of peace rules and reigns. Then, during Christ’s millennial reign, all people will go to Jerusalem to worship Christ (Zech 14:16-17). They will praise God for the unity, truth, judgment, and joy He brings.

This is something we should pray for. And we should rejoice that we can know Christ the King now through faith in Him. It should bring us joy every time we are privileged to draw close to Him in prayer and in the fellowship of the Spirit. He brings joy to us. He is our security and our truth. He gives us peace.

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