When You’ve Had Your Fill of Scorn and Contempt – Ps 123-124

Scorn and contempt are difficult to handle. In Psalm 123 and 124, the writers feel that the proud look down up on them and despise them. They are exceedingly filled with contempt with contempt (123:3). They have had their fill of scorning by the lazy and the proud (123:4).

Their only hope was to look diligently to the Lord as a servant waits and watches his master, looking for mercy from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth (123:1-3). And the Lord would help them just as He had in times past.

As a matter of fact, without the Lord’s help, they would not have made it this far. They would have been swallowed up quickly and overwhelmed by much water (124:1-5). Instead, God in HIs grace had protected them and delivered them. He was their help, and He would be their help (124:6-8).

So, when you feel that others are looking down on you, mocking you, despising you, ridiculing you, look to the Lord. Lift up your eyes to the Lord for mercy. Look and keep looking to the Lord. Just as He has delivered you in the past, He will deliver you in the future.

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