Pray for Chris & Sherry Waye Today

One of our prayers since we began to move towards the UK and Ireland was for more laborers.  God is raising many more laborers for the harvest field.  We are delighted to hear about the Mansfield family who just arrived in Liverpool, England.  Jim Roberts and his family are on the way to Scotland.  Stephen Kennedy is preparing to come to Ireland.  I just found out about the Shore family up in Edinburgh.  I am sure there are others that I do not know about who are coming as well.

I wanted to ask you to have special prayer for some good friends of ours, Chris and Sherry Waye, who are starting deputation with their first meeting today.  Chris and Sherry are church-planters to the British Isles and are hoping to raise their support as soon as possible and come over to this part of the world to help us.  I hope that you will check out their website, follow them on their blog, and keep them in your prayers.  We are so excited about how God is going to use them!

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