April 2012 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors & Praying Friends,

From the end of January until St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, we put a great deal of work into renovating our church building.  We painted walls, insulated, opened fire exits, and did many small things to make the church look much more welcoming.

A big word of “Thanks” goes out to everyone who helped with the financial costs of the renovations.  We had $1100 come in from various individuals and churches.  At the moment, we are holding off on making any more improvements to the building because we just found out that there is a possibility that the building we are renting may be turned into a hotel next year.

For St. Patrick’s Day, we had a big open day at the church to invite people from the community in.  Over 30 first-time visitors came through the doors to enjoy a cup of tea and get involved in the various activities and games we had set up.  It was a great opportunity to share the gospel and to meet people.

Last week, a few of us went to a Men’s Retreat in Waterford.  We had a great time fellowshipping with men from all over Ireland, and I was privileged to preach one of the sessions on “Getting Right with God.”

Please pray for the following things. First, Teri and Heather are starting a Mother-Toddler Group on Thursdays to reach out to young mothers.  Second, our third trimester of Bible Institute starts this Saturday with classes on Teaching a Bible Lesson, Hermeneutics II, and Personal Discipleship.  Finally, we have some special financial projects coming up in the next couple of months that we would like you to pray about: May Visa Renewals ($1700), June Vision Tour Expenses ($1200), July Youth Camp ($1500), July Evangelistic Meeting ($1000), and August Homeschool Curriculum ($500).

This summer, our sending church is hosting a very exciting missions camp for college-age and high-school young people from May 28 – June 1, 2012.  To find out more info, go to www.bcwe.org.

Travis & Teri Snode

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