February 2022 Update

Winter Retreat – We started the year with a retreat for folks from churches in London, Colchester and Peterborough. Missionary Jonathan VandenHurk was our guest speaker. We looked at “Following Christ” and heard many powerful testimonies and messages. It was a very special time of fellowship.

Training Men – As we prepare to move back to America in August, we are doing everything we can to equip the men in the churches to lead after we are gone. It is a blessing to see various men stepping up to teach and preach, and, God willing, Downham Baptist Church will be voting in a pastor and deacon at the end of this month. Please continue to pray for a pastor for Headgate Baptist Church in Colchester.

Closed Due to Crime – When it comes to church-planting, it seems there is never a dull moment! You never know what a week will bring forth. A few Sundays ago, we showed up at the church building in Colchester. There was a police cordon preventing us from entering the building. Forensics was on the scene due to an attack on a man that took place on Saturday night! We ended up having to meet in the offices of a friend of the church. This event reminds us of the spiritual need that exists in the world and the spiritual battle that takes place when you try to start a church.

Building Fund Update – Please continue to pray for God to provide the funds to purchase Downham Baptist Church’s building. We had a good meeting with the current owners and they are willing to give the church a few years to get an initial deposit paid and then hopefully after that the church can get an affordable mortgage. We are asking God to provide an initial deposit of $175,000 by July 1. This might sound like a lot of money, but the average house price in London is around $900,000. Find out more here.

Meetings in America – We will be back in America from March 23rd to May 3rd helping with the annual orientation for Vision Baptist Missions. While we are back, we will be available to give an update to a few churches within about a five-hour radius of Atlanta, Georgia. Please let us know if you would like us to come by your church, and we will see if we can fit it into our trip.

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