Summer Celebration 4 Kids Wrap Up

The Summer Celebration 4 Kids is over but the work that God did in hearts will still go on.  Friday was an amazing day with an attendance of 83 people, 63 of which were children.  We had a family BBQ and got the opportunity to preach to the children about Jesus, the greatest treasure in the world.

On Saturday, we visited the homes of the children who came and invited them back for Sunday’s Graduation.  On Sunday, we made four trips with our bus and God gave us a record-breaking attendance in our Sunday service with 77 people.  The children presented their songs and verses.  They also we able to get the rewards for the points they earned all week.  Once again, we had the privilege to preach the gospel to many who had never heard before.  It was great to see the parents of some of the children come as well.

We praise God for all He during the week.  There were a couple professions of faith, many children learned a lot, the workers did a great job, and the name of Jesus was lifted up and preached!

Thank you for praying.  Thank you for giving.  Thank you for going and serving.  Your labour is not in vain in the Lord!

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