Ministry Update (20/1/14)

Lewisham Islamic Centre


  • We spent a good part of last week looking for a new home to rent. We have turned in our 30-day notice to our current landlord, so we have until 19 February to be moved out.
  • The area to which we would like to move seems to be in high demand, so please pray that we can find a home in the area that we like and that we can afford.
  • Thank you all for praying about schooling. We found out that we have to move to the area before we can enroll our children in the local schools, so for now we are continuing to homeschool. We also found out that the 15 January school application deadline only applied to children who are in reception (kindergarten), so we will just apply once we have moved.
  • Now that we have finished surveying, we are very eager to focus more on the ministry side of things. Please pray that our move will go smoothly and that God will open doors for us for the ministry.
  • We had a good time going out as a family to pass out gospel tracts in the Charlton area over the weekend.
  • For the last few weeks I have been asking you to pray for some unexpected financial expenses. Those expenses are the result of us finding out that we are liable to pay UK tax and national insurance (social security) on our income. We have an accountant helping us figure out how much we will owe for the past nine years. Hopefully, due to the fact that most of our funds have been spent on the ministry, we will not have to pay much. But we certainly would appreciate your making this a matter of prayer.
  • This coming week, I will be helping Chris Waye with getting a house to rent and working out some other details. We are very excited about them moving over here in just a few weeks!
  • Let me encourage you to read a couple great posts by my pastor about “The Need to Train Men” and “Partial Obedience to the Great Commission.”
  • Now is the time for those in America to start making plans for summer camp. I hope that you will consider the Our Generation Camp, a camp with a unique missions emphasis.
  • I am so thankful for my wife and her patience as we are embarking on our fourth move within the space of 18 months. Three of those moves have been international, so you can imagine that they have been slightly stressful. Please pray for strength for her and the children.


  • Teri and the children as we prepare to move again.
  • A new home to rent closer to the Lewisham/Central Greenwich area.
  • Open doors for the gospel and for the ministry.
  • Young men that we can mentor and train for the ministry.
  • Our UK tax situation to work out efficiently and affordably.
  • Pastor James Wilson and Northwest Baptist Church in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
  • Chris Waye and his family as they are moving here to help us on 13 February.
    • For wisdom as they seek to rent a home, buy a car, and get set up in the UK.
    • For remaining financial support to come in.
    • For strength and grace as they leave friends and family behind.
  • Labourers to help us reach the continent of Europe with the gospel.

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