Ministry Update (3/2/14) – Northern Ireland Edition

James and I with Jordan, Nathan, and Jack

This update comes from Northern Ireland. I am here for about four days visiting our friends in Derry/Londonderry and helping out at Northwest Baptist Church, the church we started with God’s help in 2007.

I had the privileged to preach yesterday in the services, and I still find it my favorite place to preach. It was such a blessing to see the faithful folks there and to see how the work is being blessed by the Lord.

Pastor James Wilson is doing a great job, and God is really using him. It is clear that God’s hand is upon him and that he is God’s man for this time.

It is also a blessing to see how the members and regular attenders are working so hard in the ministry with the music, the building, the tea fellowship, the outreach, and the support of missionaries.

I am excited about what God is doing there. I look forward to how the Lord will raise up many more churches like Northwest in needy areas across Ireland and the UK and many more preachers like James Wilson.

Below is a copy of a recent email update that James put out on his 150th day as pastor. I thought it would encourage you to read what God is doing. If you would like to subscribe to future email updates from James, you can contact him at

So the landmark of 150 days in office as pastor at Northwest Baptist Church has passed, I had a grand plan to do a blog post at 100 days, but I either forgot, was too lazy or as I suspect myself I was too busy!

Well then what have I learned in these 150 days as pastor?

1) I serve a great God! Who is working in the lives of many people in our church & all across the world to help & support our church! And I ask you to join me in praising God for His faithfulness!

2) I have learned that we have a very solid foundation of very faithful believers!

3) There are many people who care deeply for me & are willing to give up their time to help me!

4) That God is supporting our church by working in people’s lives in ways I could have never imagined before taking up this role.

5) I have learned that there is still many people in our city hungry, searching & seeking for God!

6) I have also learned the more you read your bible, the more blessed you become! Studying the bible in such a deep way to prepare for a sermon, has a huge effect on my spiritual life & walk, I highly recommended you to study your bible more intensely!

7) God delights in answering prayers!

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