Travis Snode Prayer Letter – February 1, 2014


Dear Pastors & Praying Friends,

We have been living in London for just over five months. A few weeks ago, we finished our initial survey of all 32 London boroughs. It is an incredibly vast and diverse city with 8.5 million people spread over 600 square miles.  The greater metropolitan area around London has a population of over 15 million! If you would like a full copy of our complete study, you can download it here.

The main purpose of our survey was to pinpoint areas with no gospel-preaching church. We have identified over 40 places of 50,000 people or more where we think a church needs planted. There are quite a few needy areas in southeast London, and we believe this is where God would have us begin working. We are beginning to do some outreach in some of these areas and we are looking for potential meeting places.

We are also in the process of looking for a new house closer to the area where we plan to plant the church because we want to live in the area where we will minister.

Please pray for God to open doors and to work in hearts as we share the gospel. We are very excited about this phase of ministry.

We are encouraged that Chris and Sherry Waye will be arriving here in London in just a few weeks on February 13. They are church-planters to the United Kingdom, and they are planning to work with us when they first get here.

God continues to bless the ministry at Northwest Baptist Church in Northern Ireland. It is so thrilling to hear how God is using Pastor James Wilson and that new people are coming to the church! I am excited about spending a few days there this month. If you are interested in receiving updates about the work there, just send an email to

We have half a dozen people signed up for our London Vision Tour in June 2014. If you are interested in coming on the trip, you can sign up here.

We are thankful for new churches that continue to partner with us. Our support level is now at 94%.

Thank you so much for praying for us. We greatly appreciate your holding the ropes for us.

 – Travis & Teri Snode

Prayer Requests

  • Souls to be saved and fruit from our evangelistic efforts
  • Open doors for the gospel and church-planting in SE London
  • Direction as we look for a house closer to the area where we plan to minister
  • James Wilson and NW Baptist
  • An additional 6% of our support
  • The Chris Waye family moving to London in the middle of February

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