Snode Ministry Update – Mar 17, 2014

One of many health/wealth/prosperity gospel churches in London

We are thankful to report that we are moving into our new home this week. Our new address will be 47 Felhampton Rd, London, SE9 3NT. We are excited about the home that God has given us to rent, and we believe it will be in a better location for us to minister anywhere in southeast London.

Chris and I have been working the last few weeks on trying to find buildings to rent. We have noticed that there are quite a few new churches meeting in all kinds of buildings. Unfortunately most of the new churches that are starting in London are health/wealth/prosperity gospel churches.

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a lady in our neighborhood. She is an older lady who does not attend any church. But last Sunday when we met her on the street she was quite proud of herself for attending church. Unfortunately, the “church” she had attended was the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her niece had invited her to go along.

I think this highlights the spiritual need here. So many people do not attend any kind of church. But if they do develop any spiritual interest, there are very few Bible-believing churches to attend and teach them the truth. Sadly, there are all kinds of false cults and religious groups for people to get involved with and deceived by.  These groups vary from religious groups that preach a worked-based salvation to others that teach the main goal in knowing God is to get material blessing and physical health.

I think the above story also illustrates that, though many of the English people have long since been disillusioned with church, they are still searching for God and the truth. If we just reach out to them and witness to them, some of them will get saved.


  • Moving to our new house this week.
  • A building to rent for the new church plant.
  • Open doors for the gospel and for the ministry.
  • Souls to be saved as we share the gospel with people.
  • Men that we can disciple and train for ministry.
  • Pastor James Wilson and Northwest Baptist Church in Northern Ireland.

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