Ministry Update – Mar 3, 2014

New homes being built in SE London

Shortly after I sent last Monday’s update, we heard the house in Eltham we had hoped to move into was not going to be available until 7 April. This would have left us without a house for three weeks, so we had to begin house hunting again. Thankfully by Friday, we found another house. If everything goes well, we should be able to move in on 18 March.

With so many people moving into London, housing is at a premium. Here in London, if you find a house you like, you have to be prepared to move quickly, because it seems there are usually more people looking for houses than there are houses available.

Last week, Chris and I were able to spend some time looking for buildings to rent for the new church plant.  We have noticed that there are already lots of churches meeting in community centres, schools, and halls all over London. Unfortunately, despite the good churches that are here in London, the vast majority are not preaching the true gospel.

When we moved to London, we did not know if the people here would be as friendly as the people in Northern Ireland. Though we have not drunk quite as much tea or eaten quite as many biscuits as we did in N. Ireland, we have found the people here on the whole to be very friendly, helpful, and kind. From the churches we have attended to the petrol station, we have been warmly welcomed. We are so thankful for the friends we have been able to make here, and we look forward to many years of ministry in this city.


  • Everything to go well as we move into our new house the end of the month.
  • A building to rent for the new church plant.
  • Open doors for the gospel and for the ministry.
  • Souls to be saved as we share the gospel with people.
  • Men that we can disciple and train for ministry.
  • Pastor James Wilson and Northwest Baptist Church in Northern Ireland.
  • Chris and Sherry Waye as they get set up and minister here in London.

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