Snode Ministry Update – Sep 30, 2013

Photo from Camden area. Unfortunately, this is how many people cope with life.

Here is a brief update of this past week:

  • Grant and Darci started attending a Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association on Monday nights at a church in our area.  It is kinda like Boy Scouts but with a Christian focus.
  • I surveyed the areas of Camden and Westminster this week.  These areas some of the busiest in the city, where the tourists usually go, and where many of the students live.  I think I must have walked about 8-10 miles in the 8 hours I was there.
  • I also started putting together messages for a series from the book of Mark.  I am trying to prepare a couple new messages each week to be ready for when we start our first church here.
  • Wednesday night, we attended the Bible study at Southside Baptist Church, pastored by Andrew Bunnell.  It is encouraging to see what God is doing in the Croydon area, which is about 45 minutes away from us.
  • I also worked on updating, which is a page to help coordinate the plans of our team to reach Europe with the gospel.
  • The more we learn about the city, the more we realize how needy this place is.  There are plenty of churches and church buildings, but there are very few that are really preaching the Bible, reaching out to the lost in their community on a consistent basis, discipling people, and training men for ministry.

Below is a report that I put together about the needy borough of Barking and Dagenham.  To this point, I cannot find any solid Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church in that entire of borough of nearly 200,000 people.

Please pray for this borough and pray for God to guide us as we seek His direction for where He would have us plant our first church.

[button link=”” style=”download”]Barking and Dagenham Report[/button]

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