Trip to Northern Ireland & London


Last week, Chris Waye and I had the privilege to travel to the United Kingdom for a week.  We spent the first five days of our trip in Northern Ireland.  It was great to visit with the folks of Northwest Baptist Church, to preach the Sunday services, to teach a class on discipleship, and to work with the leaders on plans for the future of the church.

While at the church, I also let the church know that we are going to continue phasing out of the leadership of the church.  We are going to be pursuing church-planting in other places in the United Kingdom, but we will continue to stay in touch with the church in Derry/Londonderry and help as much as we can.

Please continue to pray for the folks of the church, for Sam Quinn as he pastors the church until September, and for God to guide the church as they become more independent and indigenous in the months that lie ahead.  Pray for God to lead the church to choose the right man to be the pastor of the church after we are gone.

On our last day in the UK, Chris and I went to London.  We met with two missionaries who have been there for several years to learn all we could about the opportunities there.   They were very helpful to us.

Please pray with us that God will guide us to the right place where we should continue church-planting in Ireland and the UK.  We have a heart not only for these countries, but for the entire continent of Europe and the rest of the world.  Please pray that God will open a strategic door where we could train men to go out and start churches all across the world!

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  1. Please keep in contact. If you have the time, I would like to know what the Muslim situation is over there. I’m getting information that they are a problem.


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