What the Bible Teaches About the Church

  If you look up the word “church” in the dictionary, you will find the first definition will say something like this: “a building for public and especially Christian worship.” That may be what many people mean by church and that may even been how we often think of it, but that is not the way […]

What the Bible Teaches About Baptism

  Introduction Baptism is one of two church ordinances. “An ordinances is different from a ‘sacrament’ (though a synonym in the dictionary) in that it ‘does not incorporate the idea of conveying grace but only the idea of a symbol.’ It has no inherent power to change those observing it.” (Ryrie, Basic Theology, page 487). An […]

Ministry Update – Northern Ireland Trip, Easter Services

TRIP TO NORTHERN IRELAND We had a great trip to Northern Ireland last week. We had many good conversations during the outreach, and we met up with several friends we have there. I believe that the folks of Northwest Baptist Church were encouraged by our visit, and Pastor James said they had a great Easter […]

What the Bible Teaches About Salvation

The Bible’s Most Important Theme One of the most important themes of the entire Bible is the doctrine (teaching) about salvation. Just three chapters into the Bible, men and women are in need of a Saviour to deliver them from the curse and the consequences of sin. Shortly after the first sin, God gave a […]

What the Bible Teaches About Heaven

I am glad that the Bible does not end with the lake of fire. It ends on a happy note. It ends with heaven and the New Jerusalem.It ends with a warning about the lake of fire, but it also ends with a warm welcome to all who will believe on Jesus to come into this place […]

What the Bible Teaches About Hell

The doctrine of heaven is one that is liked by most people and particular comforting at the time of a loved ones’ passing. On the other hand, the doctrine of hell is one that no one really wants to think about. Yet the Bible, and in particular Jesus Himself, teaches both truths. In this message and the one to […]