What the Bible Teaches about Man

It has been said that the big questions everyone wants to know are: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Various movies and books over the years have been produced that deal with the topic of purpose and meaning and a search for an understanding of […]

Do More Better Book Review

Aren’t you glad we have so many clever tools today to help us get more done quickly? If only that were true! Sometimes, it seems, the more time-saving devices we have, the more we get off track. This year, I wanted to start the year by reading a book on productivity. And as you can see (three […]

What the Bible Teaches About the Holy Spirit

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is widely misunderstood. In this post, we look at what the Bible teaches about who He is and some crucial ways He assists believers in Christ. WHO IS THE SPIRIT? The “third person” of the Trinity is God the Holy Spirit. He is equal with the Father and Son […]

11 Commandments of Missions by Carey and Colleagues

This was shared this with me and I wanted to pass it on here. It contains some very good foundational principles for Biblical mission work. Carey and his team set forth principles that still guide us today. Here are excerpts from the “Form of Agreement” drafted by Carey and his colleagues in October 1805. The Redeemer, in […]

What the Bible Teaches About God the Son

There is no more important study than the study of who Jesus is and what He did. He is central to the Christian faith and without Him, everything in Christianity falls apart. He is actually the main theme of the entire Bible and the pinnacle of God’s revelation to man. In this post, we will […]

Sunday School in HD Book Review

In a day and age in which many churches are decreasing services and cancelling Sunday school, Allan Taylor’s book Sunday School in HD is energy boost to the small group ministry. My personal experience with Sunday school began at the Mansfield Baptist Temple. Each Sunday my family would attend an age-appropriate class where we were […]

Twelve Ordinary Men Book Review

When Jesus came into the world, He chose twelve men to be with Him, to learn from Him, and to carry out His mission in the world. We would presume that He would look for the best, the most educated, skilled, and courageous. But instead, He chose twelve ordinary men and empowered them to do the extraordinary. […]