Pray for Tomorrow

I kinda slacked off on my visiting and outreach over the last couple of weeks with the holidays and my parents visiting with us.  I took advantage of the opportunity to have my dad’s help to do some much needed repairs to my house. This week, however, we started back visiting regularly.  We went out visiting […]

Loved This Post from Africa

I just read a great missionary post from Missionary Keith Shumaker in Burkina Faso about what you have to go through to reach people.  When I was in Peru, we had alot of moments when one person would buy a coke and everyone would pass it around and all of us would take a drink.  […]

Max & Dedre Snode

We had a wonderful time with my parents who came over to visit us for the past 4 weeks.  They left yesterday and made it home to Atlanta safely.  They will be driving back to Ohio from there.I owe so much to my parents.  They have made a hugh investment in my life.  From the […]

Good Time Away

Teri and I did something that we have not done in 11 months.  We left the kids with my parents last night and went away to Carrickfergus for the night.  We had a great time together relaxing and talking.  We went to IKEA in Belfast this morning and then stopped by to visit with our […]

Holidays in Northern Ireland

The holidays in Northern Ireland are very similar with a few differences to what we are used to in the States.  Christmas is a very big time of the year for families and for shopping.  Because there is no Thanksgiving holiday here, the shops begin to put out Christmas decorations right after Halloween and they […]

Book Release from Project North Africa

I want to let you all know about a great book that Project North Africa has just come out with about their ministry in North Africa.  This is a very exciting ministry that God is using to change lives and save souls.  Bro. Aaron was with us for our missions conference, and we are going to visit […]

God or Man

Here is a tough situation for a Finnish pastor who had to choose between obeying God or man.  What would you have done?

Teri is home and feeling well! Praise God!

Teri was able to come home at about 5.00 PM tonight.  She is feeling great and all of the tests on her heart and lungs have come back clear, so they think it may have just been a pinched nerve or a real severe case of indigestion that caused the chest pain. Thank you very […]

Update on Teri

I just wanted to give you an update on Teri.  She has been in the hospital all day today and will probably have to stay all day tomorrow as well.  She is completely fine now, but they the doctors want to do some more tests on her to make sure that nothing serious is wrong.  […]