Guest Preacher

We recently had a guest preacher from Morocco, a very good friend of mine, who did a great job for us here during our missions conference.  A few lessons I learned about things to remember when you are guest preacher are: Enter into the meetings and work with your whole heart.  Don’t just do your […]

Mission Team

We have a missions team coming from Gateway Baptist Church in Clarksville, GA coming on Wednesday.  They will be helping us for about a week with evangelism, ministry, and our missions conference. Jim and Nancy Kratz are so excited about their trip that they sponsored a radio station in their area in honor of their […]


I just read a good article about a great way to stay in touch with alot of people via texting which is a very popular way to communicate here in the UK especially.  I in checking on getting this for our church right now.


Yesterday I was thinking about how there seems to be a big push these days for the church to be relevent.  Over the last few weeks, as we have been preaching and planning for messages on relationships, depression, anger, abuse, men, women, purpose, meaning, etc., it has amazed me to think that the most relevent […]

The Next Level

Last night, we had a good time looking at Genesis 22 and how Jacob wrestled with the angel of God.  12 folks were out for the service with 1 first time visitor. The lessons we looked at from Jacob were very helpful to me as we praying, plan, and desire to go to the next […]

Church-Planting Blog

My good friend and mentor Austin Gardner has started a new blog called Church Planting Discussions.  I want to encourage you to check it out and subscribe by email.  He has two threads going right now on the Church Planter and a Biblical Plan for Restoration.  I guarantee you that, if you are interesting in learning […]

Our Generation Summit

I have been privileged to attend a couple of summits in the past and you won’t want to miss one of the most exciting meetings of the year.  Austin Gardner wrote the following about the Summit: One of the most exciting missionaries in the world today is a friend of ours that works in Northern […]

Family News

I read the following quote off of Pastor Austin Gardner’s quote of the day and though I would just write a bit of family news: “Obedience to the call of Christ nearly always costs everything to two people – the one who is called, and the one who loves that one.” – Oswald Chambers New […]

The War

I am watching a war movie right now and I can’t help but think about the war we are in for men’s souls.  The sad thing is that to an outside watching our lives, they probably would never guess that we were at war.  I am tired of dead, lifeless, lazy Christianity.  I am tired […]

News from Home

Dave Craig from our home church in Carrollton, OH sent us the following pictures from this past Sunday at our church.  It was great to see pictures of our pastor David Powell and his wife Kathy (on the right), whose son Jonathon is helping us right now for 3 months.  Also, on the left is […]