The Second Man Blog

My good friend Mark Coffey just started a blog about helps, ideas, and growth for those who are in a support role in ministry.  In my opinion, Mark has alot to teach everyone, not just second men, about leadership, servanthood, maturity, and many other aspects of ministry.  Click here to go to his blog.

Kevin Hall

I had a good talk yesterday morning via Skype with Missionary Kevin Hall in South Africa.  He has been a friend of mine now for about 8 years.  He and his wife Corli are being greatly used of God, and I am really excited about their ministry.  He is going to be coming up and preaching […]

Pray for Julio Soncco

I would like to ask you to pray for a good friend of mine, Julio Soncco, who really needs a pacemaker.  He and his wife are missionaries in Peru, and are doing a great work for God.  He currently has raised $3,700 of the $10,000 to $15,000 needed for the operation.  You can contact him by […]

Missional Marketing

I thought this article had some good things to think about as we try to use media and literature to reach out to people in various cultures. Click here to read the article.


My brother Harley and his wife Heidi just had their baby on yesterday at 11.00 PM.  The baby was 8 lb., 7 oz, and everyone is doing well.  The baby boy’s name is Landon Robert.  Harley and Heidi live in Flint, MI, and work at Dixie Baptist Church.  They are such a blessing to us, […]

Concern over World Missions

Click here to read a good article by David Cummins of Baptist World Missions on concern we should have over world missions and need to renew our commitment to world evangelism.

Sermons Series

We are currently in a 5 week sermon series on “Clear Vision” at the church. Last week, I preached on a “Clear Vision of God and His Love.”  The next 4 weeks will be on a Clear Vision of… …Man and His Purpose …the Church and Its Ministry …the World and Its Need …the Family […]


A good day today.  We are doing alot of preparation for some upcoming things in the church.  While I was out door-knocking, I met an Indian man who is over for a few months visiting his son.  He said he will let his son know about our church.  I plan to go visit him on […]

Check Out the Links

I have added alot of my friends’ blogs to the links at the right.   I hope that you will check out their blogs as well.  If you are one of my friends and I have left out your blog, please let me know and I will add it. Suscribe by email to this blog!